At Oak Park, Community Groups are the primary “circles of belonging” where our members are most intimately cared for and build relationships with others. Following the pattern of Act 2:42 these groups seek to foster a heart of obedience to God’s word in fellowship with one another. In this way, Community Groups help us live out the implications of the Gospel to love, serve, comfort, encourage, and pray for one another.


Below you will find a listing of all our Community Groups. These groups meet all over Southern Indiana at various times throughout the week. If you’d like to talk with a pastor about what group might best fit, please click the button.

Devoting ourselves to the practice of God’s Word in fellowship with one another
- Acts 2:42

Get Connected

Community Groups are open to all and meet in a variety of homes and at a variety of times throughout the week and weekend. We encourage everyone at Oak Park to connect to a Community Group. The best way to get connected to a group is to talk with one of the pastors to find out what group is the best fit for you.